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Logistics and warehouse
Outsourcing that makes things easy and worthwhile!

Logistics, storage, refurbishment, packaging and transport at very competitive costs: thanks to our experience, we serve more than
20 countries worldwide.

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Innovative solutions

Technological complexity of the logistics is increasing: entrust the task to a partner company equipped with the most modern equipment.

Cost saving

You can significantly reduce equipment and personnel costs, to the benefit of productivity and profit margins.

Experience and professionalism

Experience becomes quality: G&G offers proven logistics and highly specialised personnel for outsourcing.

G&G outsourcing departments

Our experience to optimise your production.


Outsourcing for logistics and
warehouse for the clothing and footwear
industry with renewal and
replenishment services.


Our expertise includes managing teaching materials, paper and plastic articles, books and accessories: discover the advantages of outsourcing.


You can outsource logistics of materials and electronic devices using our advanced picking, storage and delivery technologies.

Household appliances

Choose G&G outsourcing to manage
your home cleaning and
care products, with customised
packaging services.

Various products

Whether it be accessories,
gifts and/or crafts,
we guarantee coordinated
and reliable logistics.

Personal care products

We provide logistics and storage services for personal hygiene products reliably and accurately, including safe packaging services.

Customised solutions for fashion industry

Our experience to optimise your production.

Where fashion is born.

Putting together of sets, production and packaging: fabrics, sizes, colours for your brand's collections.


We restore freshness and order to your clothes as if they were new: entrust the restoration of your clothes to industry experts.

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Replenishment of stocks

Replenishment is a key and sensitive activity. We ensure maximum speed, accuracy and reliability.

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Replenishment of stocks
Online sales

Online sales

We make our logistics available for your e-commerce along with storage, transport and return management services.

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Logistics and storage services for the clothing industry

One company, infinite number of solutions.

Comprehensive supply chain solutions

We handle everything: global management, reduction of costs and distribution.


Comprehensive outsourcing services

Renewed, packed, managed and delivered products!

Since 1997 we have been experts in the logistics and warehousing industry with international experience and dedication. The outsourcing we offer includes renovation, storage and logistics services - also for online stores.

We take care of packing, shipping and transport at the best time, from Poland to the EU and around the world.

Are you ready to save on your management costs?

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