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Additional services

Some companies in the operation of their warehouses are limited to the storage and control of goods. G&G has also added additional services to its offer that meet customer requirements and make the work more complex, but certainly more rewarding in economic terms. We do not limit ourselves to basic warehousing and logistics services, but offer our customers additional services that can add value to their daily work, making them increasingly competitive in the market.

What are additional services?

A warehouse is not an ordinary building where goods are stored. This division plays a very important role in the supply chain, which connects production with retail and e-commerce, as it enables us to obtain articles from manufacturers and deliver them to customers. At this stage, the warehouse performs important tasks such as: quality control of goods entering the warehouse, cataloguing products and placing barcodes that uniquely identify them. Then, of course, the products are stored, packed and shipped to customers.

In this complex chain, however, it is advisable to take into account, as far as possible, additional services which may increase the professionalism of the warehouse and thus also the value of goods sent to the customer. These additional services may concern the packaging stage of the products to be shipped.

G&G offers extra services, for example the preparation of individual product packages, which are available individually, or the preparation of special labels. Additional services may also apply to the post-shipment stage: for example, the customer may be offered an on-site assembly and disassembly service. Additional services are defined in the contract concluded with the customer, always striving to meet the needs of the relevant market.

For example, we usually offer services to companies in the fashion industry, both as traditional sellers and as part of online sales, such as fabric printing, jeans acid wash distressing and fabric fading. These services are additional to purely warehouse services, but they make a difference and allow the customer to have a finished and detailed product, ready to be marketed.

Additional services, value added to stored products

Additional services offer value added to the items stored in the warehouse. Therefore, customers will willingly pay extra for each type of item that also includes any additional services required. In order to provide this type of service, a certain type of labour force and additional working hours are required, which must be taken into account when determining the final price.

As a result, the cost of the product will be slightly higher than for other items that do not use these services, but the product that the customer receives in his shop, whether physical or online, is really complete and ready to be sold to the final consumer.

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