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Bundling of ordered sets

The execution of an order is often not limited to mere sending of individual ordered items. Therefore, G&G offers sets bundling on request. This means that after placing an order, the customer can ask the warehouse to complete several ready-to-sale products, similar to the main product and often useful for sale. The bundling of the customer's ordered sets is included in warehouse functions and carried out by personnel who assemble different products, creating complete packages according to customer needs.

Bundling of sets: advantages for customers and for the warehouse

Bundles can be a good choice both for the customers and for the warehouse itself. Sets consist of the main item requested by the customer, accompanied by other ready-to-sale items which are useful for the operation or use of the main product. G&G mainly completes sets based on customer's wishes, but also offers product combinations to add value to its own work and improve customer satisfaction.

The sets can be beneficial not only for customers but also for the warehouse. Orders are processed in a targeted and continuous manner. Customers who are satisfied with the ordered sets usually continue to order the same type of product combinations, which makes it easier for the warehouse to assess the number of specific items that should always be available.

The bundling of sets ordered by the customer facilitates the stage of supplying the warehouse with products and the stage of bundling related to meeting the order.

In this case, the margin of error is very limited and if one of the related products is not available, it can be replaced by another item performing the same function or the delivery can be made after the product arrives at the warehouse. Moreover, the arrival of requested products in special sets makes it much easier for the customer to put them up for sale. That's why G&G prepares product sets for delivery by anticipating everything the customer needs to sell certain items. As well as considering the customer's wishes, G&G also offers other solutions that make the shipped item truly functional and complete.

Bundling of ordered sets

G&G prepares the sets according to the wishes of the customers by also considering other factors, including the variability of the articles to be included in the set depending on certain products. For this purpose, the number of product models, the number of components per product model and variants of each component are evaluated. By evaluating these factors, we can create thoughtful and beneficial sets for everyone. In practice, we determine the number of common components per product type, variable accessories and the total number of variants for each component.

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