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Doing nothing beyond product quality control, warehousing and simple shipment of ordered goods make limiting ourselves. For this reason, G&G offers its customers a number of additional services, which include co-packing. This service is very much appreciated by customers because it is very useful for positioning the product on the market. With this service, we make the product more attractive to the end consumer and thus easier to sell for the customer, who will only have to deal with positioning on the shelf.

What is co-packing

Co-packing, which stands for contract-packing, means the various possible product modifications. In practice, when an ordinary product is packaged and sealed, its external appearance is changed by using outer packaging or part of the direct one. This service also includes any finishing such as labelling, format or assortment change. When ordering the co-packing service, the customer will also be able to receive sets and displays for these products together with the goods. In short, this is an effective finishing service for ordered products that are ready to be placed on the shelves of a given shop upon arrival at their destination without spending additional time on displaying them.

The co-packing service is specially designed to win the consumer by using labels, adhesive tapes, secondary packaging, displays or displays that arouse consumer curiosity.

G&G does not accidentally select accessories to be used for products at the co-packing stage. Each selection is made on the basis of market research, which periodically analyses consumer habits, expectations and requirements. The results of these studies, carried out by qualified and specialised marketing staff, are analysed and taken into account at the co-packing design stage for individual products. In this way, a personalized product with significant added value can be offered to support sales.

Why ordering the co-packing service at G&G is worth your while

G&G takes care of all logistics and warehousing activities, from the receipt of packages to product quality control, from labelling to the definition of barcodes, from repacking to dispatch preparation, choosing the most suitable means of transport in each case. In addition to these activities, G&G offers additional services that can be very useful to the customer, allowing him to have a more attractive product and ready for sale to the final consumer. These services also include co-packing.

By outsourcing this service to our warehouse, you can optimise costs and have more control over the product that reaches its destination in an attractive and market-appropriate form. G&G can is in cooperation with professional advisors for the design of customised systems and equipment, capable of packaging, configuring and customising products according to customers' wishes.

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