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Delivery to a courier

The warehouse which handles e-commerce is not only limited to storing and preparing orders, but also manages the shipping stage. Therefore, it takes responsibility for choosing the courier who will carry out the shipment.

G&G knows how important and sensitive this choice is. Entrusting the task to the wrong courier could potentially destroy all the timely work involved in order preparation, which would result in delayed delivery or, worse still, the delivery of a damaged product. G&G has therefore carefully selected the best national and international couriers, based on their efficiency, delivery times and transport quality. We did not want to save money at the expense of quality. We know that this stage is very important and want to provide our customers with the best.

Delivery of a prepared order to a courier

Once the order has been prepared, it can be handed over to the courier for dispatch. For online sales, our warehouses send a number of parcels every day. This allows us to reduce the cost of shipping, and lower the amount paid by the end consumer, according to the arrangements set by the e-commerce management company.

The potential reduction or even elimination of the shipping costs paid by the consumer is an important value added that is highly appreciated by users. If there are a lot of parcels handed over to the courier in a given day, the risk of making address mistakes is increased.

G&G is able to control this sensitive stage thanks to staff who are responsible for labelling the parcels on exit from the warehouse. Each order has a unique code that accompanies it from the moment the order is placed until it is ready to leave the warehouse. A permanent identifier makes it possible to avoid errors when delivering orders. When the parcels are handed over to the courier, a receipt is issued with a barcode for the shipped orders.

This code allows us and the customer to track the status of the shipment, tracing the package along its entire route. It is a small gesture providing transparency and comfort. In a way, we are responsible for the product until it reaches the customer. Deliveries should be fast, but the focus is on the safety of the contents of the package throughout its trip.

The consumer satisfied with his order is our ultimate goal and we can only achieve it by taking care of every stage of the order, from its "birth" to its delivery to its destination.

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