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Execution of the order

The order completion stage is crucial in the warehouse and can determine the competitiveness of some products. In addition to the quality of the products, consumers are paying increasing attention to delivery times, packaging and the quality of the goods when they arrive at their destination.

G&G invests heavily in this area, providing specialised staff and state-of-the-art equipment to meet customer needs at short notice, without risking being inaccurate. The bundling stage, as it is called in logistical jargon, involves most of the warehouse staff and consequently represents one of the most costly items on the balance sheet.

This is a delicate process that involves the partial retrieval of the loading units used for storage, whether they are parcels or pallets, which are then organised into shipping units. G&G usually carries out orders starting with the parcels, which are then organised for dispatch according to the customer's wishes.

Generally, bundling is processed:

  • As a percentage for each barcode;
  • By commercial category;
  • According to special customer requests.

Percentage order processing for each barcode

In this case, implementation is relatively easy and standardised. Each product in the warehouse is assigned a unique barcode on its arrival at the warehouse, with which it is catalogued and placed in a specific location of the warehouse.

At the time of order completion based on the desired barcode (barcodes are usually commonly recognised), it only remains to determine the percentage of products with this particular barcode to be selected for shipment and to download them physically. This is where the real bundling stage takes place. In well-organised warehouses, such as at G&G, this work is carried out in a simple and almost automatic manner, so delivery is also very quick and efficient.

Processing orders by commercial category

Another method of order processing used by G&G tis based on the commercial category of the products being ordered. Instead of looking for products by their barcode, in this case they are selected by commercial category. Here too, the role of the periodic stock-taking is essential: by being able to rely on a database and always updated management software, G&G is able to quickly trace the products to be delivered, moving on to the picking stage and then to dispatch

Order processing according to special customer requests

However, the execution of an order does not always follow a standardised and automatic procedure. Sometimes the customer places special and personalised orders, perhaps with additional services provided by G&G. In this case, the bundling stage becomes more complex, but never impossible to manage for an organised and constantly updated warehouse in terms of delivery. The first step is to understand the real needs of the customer and to make a list of the desired products and their quantities.

Products can be searched by barcode or by commercial category. In either case, by relying on the updated programme, it is easy to find the desired articles, apply any additional services, adjust the products and carry out the shipment quickly enough.

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