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Identification of articles not authorised for sale

In warehouse management it is important to mention products which are not authorised for sale. These are goods that have entered the warehouse by mistake or did not pass quality control. In order to identify products that have not been approved for sale, it is necessary to carry out thorough checks when goods enter the warehouse and also always check goods that are delivered to the points of sale. This inspection is essential for company reputation and business performance.

G&G ensures that the work is carefully done and checked to ensure no bad impression is made by selling faulty, or even worse, damaged products.

Inventory and control when identifying products not authorised for sale

Inventory, i.e. reporting and cataloguing products in the warehouse and control of goods are two very important steps in warehouse management, as they allow separation of goods ready for shipment and goods with defects or faults. Goods with defects or faults should be placed in a special part of the warehouse to be handed over to a courier in order to be returned to the manufacturer as soon as possible. Goods should be returned to the sender after a thorough check and a written document were made explaining in detail the reasons of such return.

G&G carries out carefully every type of quality control, recording the properties of each product. Goods that fail quality control are placed in a special section of the warehouse, together with a code to facilitate identification, and a delivery note that is needed for the courier in order to collect them.

Provisions concerning products not authorised for sale

There may be a situation where products are declared unfit for sale according to the law. This applies to goods which contain certain substances or which do not fully comply with Community protocols and are therefore withdrawn from the market.

In the event of any directives or circulars entering into force concerning the ban on the sale of certain products, it is the responsibility of warehouse managers to examine the goods handled in order to identify any products belonging to these categories. If there are products in our warehouse which have been declared unfit for sale on the market, they must be moved from their previous location, labelled as not being authorised for sale and stored in a special section of the warehouse.

These goods cannot be returned to the manufacturer, but must be kept for a certain period of time and made available for potential inspection. It is essential for warehouse managers to take care of this particular situation. In such a case, not only the reputation of the company is at stake, but also its ability to continue to operate without interruptions. In order to select products that cannot be sold, G&G employs specialist staff and uses a constantly updated management programme that can be very helpful in identifying all those products that cannot be put up for sale.

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