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Inserting items into plastic bags

The packaging stage is crucial in warehouse management, as are many other stages of product handling. It is about finding the right coverage for articles leaving the warehouse that have passed the quality control stage.

G&G takes care of this stage with the utmost care, because we want to guarantee the quality of the product when it is delivered to the customer. The choice of packaging is therefore not left to chance. For each article, we select the best packaging to maintain its properties.

Packing and placing items in plastic bags

G&G takes care of the whole stage of shipment preparation. It starts with the picking stage, i.e. the picking of articles from the warehouse racks. This is followed by the packaging stage, followed by the dispatch of the products. At this stage, we focus on building the packaging in which the desired article will be placed during shipment so that it reaches its destination in its entirety and retains the properties with which it left the warehouse.

We select the packaging according to the type of product or goods to be transported. Bundling and packing are very sensitive stages in warehouse management and G&G devotes the utmost attention and professionalism to them, investing in the training of qualified and competent staff.

The company trains its packaging staff in the use of packaging machines that do a large part of the work if they are correctly positioned and checked.

During the packaging process, we always make sure that the quality of the product does not change, in order to ensure product efficiency and quality.

Recently, we have been selecting film bags for shipping articles that are not in danger of breaking during transport. Typically they are transparent polyethylene bags, available in different sizes, which allow the items to be transported in an orderly manner. Usually this type of packaging is used for clothing, especially when sold online.

For items that require protection during transport, we usually use bags made of bubble foil. They are also made of polyethylene but have bubbles that protect the item during transport against any impact or collision with other surfaces.

Placing items in plastic bags to keep order and proper cataloguing

Placing items in plastic bags has many advantages. We use this type of packaging wherever possible because it is light, safe and at the same time easy to open, allowing order and proper cataloguing of the shipped items.

We choose plastic bags especially for clothing because by putting jumpers, skirts, shirts, trousers and other items in them we can display size and price tags. In this way, the customer can see immediately, even without opening the whole package, that there were shipping errors. Also, packing in plastic bags is very easy to do and with the help of special machines and efficient staff, G&G ensures fast packing, significantly shortening shipping time.

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