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Inventory based on barcode reading: affordable and fast

In warehouse and logistics management, it is essential to keep the quantity of individual available goods under control. Inventory, i.e. counting individual items in the warehouse, is a procedure that must be carried out periodically in order to have information about which products have entered and which have left the warehouse. In recent years, technology has supported the management of the warehouse and the logistics department of companies, introducing increasingly precise and sophisticated programmes and using barcodes on products.

Thus, inventory carried out on the basis of barcode reading is a practical and quick way to keep the flow of goods in the warehouse under control. Based on these flows, G&G is able to organise purchases and replenishments at the points of sale, in order to avoid a situation when customers are left without any stock.

Elements necessary for an inventory based on barcode reading

In order to be able to carry out an inventory based on reading the barcodes of products in stock, several essential elements are necessary. Firstly, each product must have a barcode that is unique, i.e. only identifies the type of product.

Barcodes should also be different for similar products, but with different colours, sizes and details, in order to avoid over- or under-loading. To ensure the uniqueness of barcodes, we use, subject to truly exceptional cases, linear barcode standards such as GS1 128, used in more than 150 countries worldwide and capable of encoding a very wide range of data. Secondly, you need a barcode scanner, which can be either a portable device of the latest generation or a classic gun specially designed for this purpose. It is important that these readers are connected to a management programme that stores the data collected by the devices and organises them in a structured and precise database.

Why carry out an inventory based on barcode reading

An inventory based on barcode reading is a very simple activity which, if carried out from time to time, can significantly facilitate the entire warehouse management process. In addition to the actual inventory, a simple registration of parcels entering and leaving the warehouse is useful in order to always be informed about the course of sales and replenishment of stocks and to plan purchases in a targeted manner, avoiding a situation in which one remains without stocks or with surplus goods.

The inventory based on barcode reading is very simple and easy to perform. Warehouse employees read the barcodes placed on parcels entering and leaving the warehouse using appropriate devices. In this way, products are entered into the programme which registers their flow in the warehouse.

These are quick actions that allow for accurate and precise acquisition of data concerning products in the warehouse, which are always available to operators. This data is useful for a better understanding of sales dynamics and management of all purchases. This type of activity makes it possible to significantly reduce errors, inventory differences and therefore costs. In short, it saves a lot of time, energy and money for the company.

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