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Management and exchange of tags

Each item in stock should be correctly marked to make sure it can be easily identified when the customer wants to complete the order. In order to correctly mark the items in stock, G&G will place appropriate tags on their packaging or on individual items, depending on how they arrive in stock.

What does the product tag consist of?

The tag to be affixed to each article in stock should be simple, clear, unambiguous and easy to understand. We use special graphic programs to define warehouse labels. Creating a label is really easy, but it is important to check if it has been printed correctly to make sure the article can be easily identified at any time. The tag should be small, but it cannot be too small. It should be placed in an easily accessible place, if possible on both sides of the packaging, so that it can be found at any time.

The tag should contain a piece of written text that briefly describes the contents of the package, and a barcode that is necessary to handle the product in the warehouse, from the moment it enters until it leaves the warehouse. Therefore, it is very important for the tag to be printed legibly. Otherwise, the barcode reader will not work and will disrupt the entire IT system, which is the basis for managing the warehouse itself.

The barcode uniquely identifies each item and if you want to ship goods worldwide, create EAN 13 barcodes. Simply purchase the serial number from your local GS1 office and start creating the barcode using software. This way barcode will contain a number of digits that uniquely identify each individual article, together with information on the country of origin and manufacturer.

Replacing external labels

External labels should be replaced from time to time. For example, during the inventory, we find that there are fewer items in the packaging than stated on the label or we detect defects in the goods. We then can obtain detailed information about the actual contents of each package and the quantity of each type of item. This task is very important in warehouse management.

It is a meticulous control activity which allows us to prepare flawless orders.

Basic services

  • External tag replacement
  • Monthly production capacity
  • Identification of articles not authorised for sale
  • Selection of goods for non-standard orders
  • Co-packing
  • Putting together packages according to sets ordered by the customer
  • Bundling of ordered sets
  • Delivery to a courier

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