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Preparing orders for shipment

Punctuality is the key word when preparing orders for shipment. This concept is all the more true when it comes to online sales, where short delivery times for products to the customer are an important added value to the company's reputation.

The warehouse plays a key role in order preparation, and only when work management is precise and well organised can you act quickly and have an extremely limited margin of error.

G&G is able to handle a large number of orders (6 million items), including those acquired through e-commerce. Efficiency is ensured by a centralised management system that coordinates logistics processes. In fact, in order to prepare an order, all the steps in the process leading to its execution must be taken into account. In this respect, G&G considers the coordination between the various warehouse departments to be central.

Order preparation: organisation and effectiveness

As soon as the consumer places an order on the online sales site, a notification will be sent to G&G's warehouses, which will take immediate action to prepare the order in the shortest time possible. Once the product or products to be delivered are identified, the bundling stage begins, taking the item from where it is physically stored in the warehouse. Usually our operators pick up the required products and move them to the packing area, repeating the procedure for each order.

However, for online sales items, G&G applies an order preparation procedure which is not only quicker but also effective. E-commerce generates more orders than traditional sales, so lead times are crucial. In this case, G&G's warehouse operators use trolleys equipped with appropriate displays that show them where to pick up the goods and where to put them away for packing.

After each change in the location of an item, the database is updated so that it is always subject to control of product movements and the status of the order. In this way, more orders can be prepared at the same time and the risk of error can be reduced to a minimum, as all order preparations are tracked by constantly updated and state-of-the-art software.

G&G ensures the highest level of focus and competence in this key stage of online sales by using the latest generation of machines and software that support human work and minimize errors. After preparing the order, packing it and placing the appropriate barcode on it, which allows its accurate identification, it can be moved to the next step: delivering it to a courier who will take care of the delivery of the product to the consumer.

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