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Quality control

Quality control of goods is a necessary and very important process in the management of any warehouse. Every product that comes into a warehouse should be checked in terms of quantity and quality in order to avoid having many goods that are not in line with reality or goods with more or less visible production defects that could affect the overall image of the company.

G&G leaves nothing to chance at this sensitive stage, carrying out checks in a methodical and permanent manner so that the condition of goods entering and leaving the warehouse is always under control.

How to carry out quality control

Any merchandise delivered to a warehouse shall be accompanied by a delivery note indicating its contents. The first check carried out by staff appointed for that purpose should include verification that the goods delivered correspond to those described in the delivery note.

This is a very important first step, as it may happen that goods which we have not ordered or quantities less or more than those stated in the delivery note are delivered. The delivery note should detail the characteristics of each individual product, its trade name and the quantity received. Based on this document, our employees take the first selective sampling and, if necessary, also open the packaging to check the content of the goods. Next, they check the strength of the packaging, placing the goods in places suitable for their proper storage (a crucial aspect when it comes to fresh or perishable goods).

At this stage, the packaging is also changed in order to adapt it to the nature of the warehouse and the needs of customers.

Quality control to satisfy the customers

Quality control of goods is essential for customer satisfaction. The warehouse quality department is therefore responsible for ensuring that the customer receives the standards promised by the company, both in terms of finishing, assembly and conformity of articles. For this purpose, we use special tools to check all goods that arrive at the warehouse or to verify samples. The latter are carried out if we have a permanent relationship with suppliers, based on a high degree of trust, although it is always good to check the incoming goods in order not to make a bad impression on the customer at the delivery stage.

If during the quality control the goods are found to be defective or not compliant with the established standards, they are moved to a separate part of the warehouse or to the department of non-compliant materials. The goods will then be picked up at an appropriate time to be returned to the sender with an appropriate justification. With to this process, goods which do not comply with the quality standards are put in one place so as not to risk being sent to customers. Quality control is essential to maintain the good reputation of the company and the quality of the products delivered to customers.

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