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For online sales, warehouse management is not very different from other forms of retail or wholesale trade. There are, of course, some differences, but generally the work of the warehouse is divided into the same stages, that is:

  • receipt of goods;
  • quality control and storage;
  • order preparation;
  • dispatch.

G&G scrupulously follows these stages, both with regard to the supply of products to retailers and with regard to articles for online sales.

Storage: the order comes first

Storage is a very important stage in this process, because it is the moment when the goods, after being checked for their quantity and quality, are arranged and placed in the storage rooms and entered into the management system's database and catalogued. In short, this is the point at which the goods are organised and physically distributed. Order and accuracy are of great importance here, because only when the situation is under control can customer orders be fulfilled accurately and on time.

G&G invests heavily in the storage phase, paying particular attention to the distribution of individual products and carefully checking that the management system is always updated in terms of both product types and quantities.

The correct storage of products allows us to always have information on the actual number of each item that we present on our online sales platforms, so as not to promise customers availability that is not reflected in the actual state. This is not a question of limitation, but of responsibility towards customers who will really be able to count on prompt delivery of the articles of their choice, as these are actually available in stock and ready for shipment.

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