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Privacy policy

We inform you that the provision of personal data, as well as consent to their processing in the need to take advantage of the offer of the online store, is completely voluntary.

By creating an account with our online store or through the purchase option without registration, filing a complaint about the products purchased, departing from the contract entered into through the store, subscribing to the newsletter or simply contacting our store, we provide the highest level of security and privacy for personal data. We do not share them with third parties without your explicit consent.

In the event that you decide, however, not to provide us with the data necessary for the execution of the order, and you do not agree with their processing, unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill your order.

We ask you to remember that you have the right at any time:

right of access to personal data,
right to correct personal data,
right to delete personal data,
right to limit the processing of personal data,
right to object to the processing of personal data,
right to transfer data,
right to file a complaint with the Supervisory authority,
the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, if such a service is consented to by you.
We assure you that our company strictly protects your personal information. Your personal information is safe with us, thanks to the constant work on improving the level of security in our company, its level will be in the coming years, which is even more. We hope that by carefully reviewing our security and privacy Policy, you will feel safe with us, and purchases on our website will be welcome.

legal basis:

The basis for the processing of personal data of the client is primarily the need to conclude an agreement that is a party or the need to take action at his request before its conclusion (article 6 of the PARAGRAPH. 1 lit. b) CLAN). First of all, this applies to the personal Data specified in the questionnaire during registration, Ordering and conclusion of the Contract of Sale or Booking in the online Store, as well as to subscribe to the newsletter. Also, in the case of personal Data transferred to us in connection with the client's complaint, the legal basis for their use is the need to perform the service / contract of sale of the advertised goods.

In the case of data processing operations for marketing purposes, except for those that are implemented within the framework of the newsletter, which operates on the basis of the rules, the basis for such processing is to fill in the goals arising from the legitimate interests realized through the Administrator or through his partners (article 6, paragraph 1 of the letter. (e) RODO), in which case the partners do not participate in the processing of the Client's data. On the other hand, to the extent that the Administrator's partners may also have direct access to this information, the legal basis for such processing is the voluntary consent expressed by the Clients (article 6, paragraph 1 of the letter). a) CLAN). In turn, the presentation, creation, provision and implementation of specialized to the Client, announcements, offers and promotions (discounts), which are based solely on automated processing, including profilowaniu, to the maximum extent possible, taking into account his preferences, which can significantly affect the decisions of the customer's consumers, often based on the customer's expressed consent (article 6, paragraph 1 of the letter. a), article 22, paragraph 2 of the letter. (c) RODO. This, however, applies only to adult Customers.


This Privacy Policy defines the principles of collection, processing and use of personal data obtained through the online Store www.italian-collection.com (the "Shop").
The owner of the Shop and at the same time Administrator of personal Data is G&G.PL Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., hereinafter referred to as G & G [abbreviated Administrator name]
G & G takes great care to ensure the privacy of Customers visiting the online Store.

§ 1 How we collect data

G & G collects information about individuals carrying out their own activities or professional activities (hereinafter referred to as entrepreneurs), as well as data of individuals engaged in legal activities not directly related to their activities, hereinafter collectively referred to as customers.
Customer personal information collected during customer registration in the Store, through the creation of a Customer Account, as well as in the case when Customers make one-time purchases without registering in the Store.
In case of registration in the online Store, the Client specifies only his e-mail address, and independently sets a password to access The account in the Store. If a Customer who has an Account in the Store wants to make a purchase, it is proposed to Supplement their data on:
(a) name and surname;

b) address (street, house/apartment number, postal code, city and country);

(c) telephone number;

(d) Mail;

(e) clothing or footwear size.

In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above range of data is further expanded by the company, the Entrepreneur and his TIN.

The above data can be independently changed by the customer after logging in to the Customer's Account.
When placing a single order in the online Store, the range of data required to identify Customers is identical. Clients provide the following data:
(a) e-mail address;

b) name and surname;

C) address (street, house/apartment number, zip code, city and country);

d) telephone number;


(f) clothing or footwear size.

In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above range of data is further expanded by the company, the Entrepreneur and his TIN.

The following information is transmitted for the customer's personal contact with the store (e-mail, phone, chat, etc.):
(a) e-mail address;

b) name and surname;

C) address (street, house/apartment number, zip code, city and country);

d) telephone number;


(f) clothing or footwear size.

In the case of Entrepreneurs, the above range of data is further expanded by the company, the Entrepreneur and his TIN.

When you use the online Store website, additional information is automatically downloaded (IP address assigned to your computer or external IP address of your Internet service provider, domain name, browser type, access time, operating system type).
Navigation data may also be collected from the Customer, including information about links and links that have decided to click or other actions taken in our online Store.

§ 2. How do we use the collected data?

In case of registration of a Customer Account in the Store, data of Customers are used to: create individual Client Accounts and manage account and allow purchases in the online Store, including the implementation of the orders and their delivery. In case of purchase in the store, personal data may be transferred to the following organizations:
a) courier companies: DPD [list their names and addresses];

b) Post office polska S. A. headquarters in Warsaw

c) [name of the company serving the store's website] RDS

d) [name of the owner of the e-mail system, e.g. freshmail owner]

e) [the name of the owner of the server shop – if there is someone, and not directly on the server Stradomskiej] RDS

f) if you choose to pay for the goods ordered via the system entrusted to the paylane, your personal data will be transferred to the extent necessary for the implementation of the contract of sale of the company entrusted to the paylane sp.z o. o. based in Gdansk.

d) persons involved in the processes necessary to make payment by card for the ordered Goods concluded with the Client, in particular Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

h) navigation Data can be used to provide Customers with better service, analyze statistical data and customize the online Store to Customer preferences, as well as manage the online Store.

I) public authorities and organizations carrying out tasks of the state or working on behalf of public authorities, to the extent and for the purposes that arise from the laws


§ 3 cookies Mechanism, IP address

The online store uses small files called cookies. They are saved for G&G on the visitor's computer, the online Store, if the browser allows. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which it was received, its "term", as well as an individual, randomly selected number that identifies this file. The information collected through these types of files helps to tailor the products offered by G&G to the individual preferences and real needs of the people visiting the online Store. It also enables the development of General statistics of visits to the products presented in the online Store.
 G & G uses two types of cookies:
a) session Cookies: after the browser session is ended or the computer is turned off, the stored data is deleted from the device memory. The session cookie mechanism does not allow receiving any personal data and confidential information from the Client's computer.

b) persistent: it is stored in the memory of the end Customer's device and remains there until they are deleted. The mechanism of persistent cookies transmitted through the online Store allows the storage of data allowing the operation of the Store and its functions.


G & G uses cookies to:
a) authentication of the Client in the online Store and ensure the client's session in the online Store (after authorization), through which the Client does not have to re-enter the login and password on each page of the online Store;

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