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Organization of the work of a warehouse, which handles many orders every day, requires a high awareness of its strengths. The production capacity of G&G is 6 million items per month. A large number of goods arrive, pass through and leave G&G's warehouses, therefore, their coordination is essential in order to best meet the needs of customers. Transport is certainly one of the basic elements in the production chain of our warehouses. In order to provide a good service, it is essential to guarantee efficient transport, both to maintain the quality of the goods transported and to meet the delivery deadlines and prices set.

Transport is a key stage in logistics: it can consolidate the work done inside the warehouse (quality control, cataloguing, packaging, etc.) or cancel it out in a very short time. For this reason, we cooperate with the best partners in the field of transport, mainly road transport, but also other transport, and we carry out ongoing checks on the quality of the services offered and the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of the products received and the delivery dates.

Costs and variables

However, transport management requires constant monitoring, as the costs incurred by companies in this area account for 45% of total distribution logistics costs.

Costs also vary according to fuel price fluctuations, but proper management of other factors can ensure that the costs of transporting products are maintained without overburdening customers. Other variables that may affect transport include weather conditions, regional conflicts, possible accidents and deviations. These are all unforeseen events that threaten to extend delivery times and can have a direct impact on transport costs. In particular, delays in delivery, even if caused by unforeseen events, lead to a reduction in customer satisfaction, which can also have an impact on company operations.

G&G has developed a protocol for each type of emergency, to minimise the risks associated with these unpleasant inconveniences at the transport stage.

Careful selection of transport partners

G&G carefully selects partners with whom it cooperates for all types of transport. For close and easily accessible locations, we most often use road transport, but it is not uncommon for shipments overseas that require the use of air transport to ensure rapid delivery of the products ordered, or in any case, delivery within the time limits specified at the order stage. Due to particular care in choosing a partner, G&G can provide any type of transport to any destination at very favourable prices. But this is not the whole picture.

G&G is constantly working to ensure fast and secure deliveries: every product is tracked from the time it arrives in the warehouse to the time it is dispatched, which is a very delicate stage that is constantly followed by G&G employees who are highly competent and professional.

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